Game Plan V1

GAC Genesis Mint:

Mint Date: March 24th, 2022

Supply: 6,550

Price: .08 ETH

Whitelist: 6,000

Public: 500

Level 1 - GAC Shack Marketplace:

The GAC Shack is the Gaming Ape Club marketplace for holders to purchase items with GAC XP.

10% of mint will be dedicated to providing holders with gaming-to-earn opportunities, internal and external whitelist opportunities, products, and giveaways.

Items in the GAC Shack are redeemable by staked GAC holders. Below is a detailed tutorial on how to purchase both tangible and intangible items.

Level 2 - Staking + Earning GAC XP:

The GAC XP tokenomic system is very important to ensure a balanced economy for all GAC holders. The GAC team has spent a lot of time balancing the amount of GAC XP generated for having a specific amount of GAC NFTs to ensure we have longevity when generating GAC XP.

Once you stake your GAC NFTs, you will begin to generate on-chain GAC XP. You will have the ability to claim off-chain GAC XP from you on-chain token which can then be used throughout the GAC ecosystem.

To access GAC Utility, holders are required to stake.

Level 3 - Metaverse & P2E Integrations:

GAC holders have been and will be permitted entry to decentralized partnered metaverses and P2E communities. Integration with metaverse and P2E communities is already underway. We look forward to providing GAC holders access to these exclusive and reputable projects.


The first metaverse integration for the GAC community has officially launched on August 19th. Full details and updates can be found in the GAC Discord and by clicking here.

Upcoming P2E Integrations

  • Pixlverse

  • Top Secret

  • Top Secret

Level 4 - Diamond District:

We strongly believe long-term commitment and loyalty deserve to be rewarded. GAC diamond hand holders can expect to receive progressively stronger rewards and benefits based upon the length of time holding.

10% of mint has been dedicated to providing Diamond District Program members NFTs from emerging and/or established projects.

Diamond District holders have received benefits for the 45 and 90 day checkpoints, with 150 being the next. For more information about the Diamond District, click here.

Level 5 - Partnerships:

We have secured many great partnerships with web2 and web3 companies throughout Game Plan V1. Below you will find a full list of all of our current partnerships. You can also read more about each one at the bottom of our documentation:


PowerGPU -

Gamers Outreach -

Gamer Advantage -


Roo Troop - Tweeteroo -

Pixl Labs - Sappy Seals -

The Plague -

Llamaverse -

Project Whitelist -

Asteria Labs -

Cheetopia -

Gridcraft -

Level 6 - Tournaments & Events:

The GAC community had access to various gaming events and tournaments throughout Game Plan V1. Discord roles for specific games are available in the GAC Discord for all members to pick up and begin participating in our weekly events for prizes including whitelists, GAC XP, and other project tokens.

In addition to our weekly events, we have hosted various large prize pool tournaments throughout Game Plan V1. Below you will find all of the events that have currently been hosted:

  • $5,000 Glowsquid Tournament featuring Gridcraft

  • $1,500 Rocket League Tournament featuring Pixl Labs

  • $600 Fall Guys Tournament featuring Pixl Labs

In Game Plan V2, we will explore more ways to provide value through gaming tournaments and streamed events.

What's Next?

Game Plan V1 was just the start. We are excited to introduce Game Plan V2 and everything you can expect to see! Start reading here.

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