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Feb. / March Update (2023)

Read Before Exploring:

Before you dive into this article, make sure you are following the Gaming Ape Club founders:
Rubiks: @RubiksLive
Minski: @ItsMinski

Let’s Begin with 2022:

The GAC team is composed of a fully doxxed ownership group that has extensive experience in business ownership and gaming. Below we will display everything we have accomplished so far in 2022:
Minted on March 24th, 2022.
Collection of 6,500 NFTs (fully minted out).
1,000+ ETH traded on OpenSea.

Gaming Ape Club Team Update:

Starting in 2023, we’ve had some adjustments to the founding team of GAC. Rubiks and Minski stepped up to become the two sole owners of GAC and couldn’t be more excited to build out what we have planned moving forward.
Additionally, we are planning to expand the Gaming Ape Club team more than ever and cannot wait to continue growing and building with the community.

Diamond District Program Update:

The Diamond District Program for GAC holders has been a huge success and much has been accomplished through the program in 2022. Here is what GAC holders have received through the DD Program since mint:
  • 2x $3,000 Gaming PCs from PowerGPU
  • 25 ETH worth of NFTs ≈ 6x GAC, 3x Cyber Turtle, 3x Pixl Pet, 15 xRoo Troop, 10x Shinsekaicorp, 10x Clementines Nightmare, 10x Skyverse, 13x The Plague, 10x Illogics, 4x JustCubes, 3x Alpha Sharks, 1x My Pet Hooligan, 14x Unifriends, 5x AneroVerse, 3x Rebels, 3x Gridcraft Identities, 3x Llamascape, 2x BBRC Ivy Boys, 1x Flower Fam, & 1x Sappy Seal NFT
  • 3 Months of Alpha from Project Whitelist (Partnership)
  • 1 Month of Ape Chef Tools (Zapnode)
  • ZMOK Node (Fastest in the NFT Space, provided to all GAC Staked DD Holders)
  • Diamond District Program Discord Roles
  • FREE GAC Merchandise to ALL Diamond District Members (Claimable)

Introducing Pixels Partnership:

In Pixels, you can make your home in a world of unlimited adventure. Master skills, play with friends, build new communities and enjoy a new style of gameplay.
We have officially integrated into the Pixels universe. All GAC holders can login to the Pixels Online website and start playing using our brand new GAC avatars, exclusively available in Pixels Online. All GAC traits have been incorporated into the Pixels universe, meaning each avatar in-game reflects your specific GAC NFT.
A utility token is dropping at the same time as the release of Chapter One. Earn tokens and rewards just by playing the game. Be on the look out for an airdrop. GAC holders can earn $BERRY and $XP.

Exclusive Utilities:

We have added the following utilities to the GAC Discord for individuals staking 3+ GAC NFTs or have purchased the "Exclusive Access".
What's Included:
  • Lendal Pro Trading Access
  • Dropshipping Alpha
  • ETH Wallet Tracker
  • ETH Mint Tracker
  • GAC Alpha Calls
  • NFT News
  • Degen Alpha Plays
  • Exclusive Discord Role + Badge
Don't have GAC NFTs? See Below.
Gain Access (7-Day Free Trial):

Collab.Land ($COLLAB):

Gaming Ape Club (GAC) is part of the top 100 communities using the Collab.Land bot and overall ecosystem. With the upcoming $COLLAB token drop, 15% of the supply will be dedicated to the top 100 communities.
We have submitted our proposal on the following:
  • How many tokens Gaming Ape Club will receive.
  • How the tokens will be distributed.
  • What the tokens will be used for.
  • How the distribution of tokens impacts Gaming Ape Club & Collab.Land.
Check out the video below:

Lendal Pro Tools Partnership:

What is Lendal Pro? The Lendal Discord bot is an automated service that sends copy trading signals to channels in the GAC Discord, which can be followed for entering and exiting trading positions.
GAC holders have coveted access to the Lendal Pro Discord Bot calls. For the full details of this partnership, check the announcements in our Discord:

Magically Partnership:

Magically is a Pro Analytics Marketplace by Alpha Sharks.

How do GAC Holders Benefit?

  • Magically Pro (Unlimited Access)
  • 0% Marketplace Fees
  • Select Fees are Credited to GAC Treasury Wallet
  • Whitelist Spots for Upcoming Project
  • FREE Additional Magically Partner Crate Airdrop
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Fastest Reveals + Sweeps
  • Real-Time Snipes
  • Crypto + NFT Alpha and more!
Join the GAC Discord to get Started:

Introducing Twitter Rewards V4:

Users can link their Twitter to the GAC Discord and be rewarded with GAC XP for community engagement on Twitter. See the tutorial videos below:
Added in V2: Watch Video Here
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Follows
  • Quote Retweets
Added in V3: Watch Video Here
  • Tracking @GamingApeClub Mentions
  • Rewards for Tweeting about GAC
Added in V4: Watch Video Here
  • Raid Tweet Feature
  • Timed Role Rewards
  • New Message Embed UI
  • Random Winners
Discord Link:

Stake Your GAC NFTs:

With the start of 2023, we have changed various graphics throughout the GAC ecosystem to match the branding we are pushing for. With that being said, a lot of our tutorial videos have been updated/re-made for additional help to those who need it.

GAC Events:

Gaming events are beginning to surface more frequently in our Discord, hosted by our helping admins.
If you haven't already, grab your game roles in the "Get Roles" channel and never miss out when new events are posted.

Linked Roles (Discord BETA Feature):

Linked Roles are now available in the GAC Discord as a BETA feature. Users can join the server, connect social media accounts to their Discord Account, and unlock exclusive roles, new role icons, private channels, and so much more.
See below which social media channels are currently available:
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
Discord Link:

Diamond District Merchandise:

All Diamond District holders that claimed their FREE GAC Merchandise during the time given have received their merch or are currently waiting for their merch to reach its final destination.
We’ve been seeing many tweets on Twitter of GAC holders repping their merch and can’t wait to keep seeing more. Don’t forget to tag @GamingApeClub, @RubiksLive, and @ItsMinski in the posts!

Gaming Ape Club NFT Marketplace:

The new GAC NFT Marketplace is live and functional. Why did we build it?
  • Build the groundwork for an experience that is more experimental.
  • By fulfilling your commitments, we can establish confidence and reliance with the community.
  • To mitigate the risk of unstable policies in the market.
Check it out here:

Upcoming In-Progress Development:

We aren't quite ready to announce what we been working on behind the scenes...
As we are always looking for new ways for GAC holders to benefit, that is exactly what this will do.
Gaming Ape Club has been around for over a year. This means it's time to step our game up. Stay tuned.


2023 is going to be an exciting year for the Gaming Ape Club community. We can’t announce everything we are currently working on right now, but keep an eye out on all of the GAC socials when the time comes… 😉