The Diamond District Program

Exploring GAC’s gaming-to-earn initiatives, GAC XP, and the Diamond District Program.

What Is The Diamond District? What Perks & Rewards Are Included?

The Diamond District Program is designed for GAC holders who are committed to the project and our long-term mission. This program rewards holders at the highest level regardless of your NFT’s rarity.

10% of mint is dedicated to providing Diamond District Program members NFTs from emerging and/or established projects. You will receive progressively stronger rewards and benefits based upon the length of time holding, such as priority internal and external whitelist opportunities, exclusive GAC product collaborations, collectibles, and merchandise.

Members of the program will receive the first three stages of the progressive rewards at 45, 90, and 150 days of holding their GAC NFT.

How Do I Become Part Of The Diamond District Program?

The Diamond District is exclusive to holders who minted during the whitelist / public sale or those who purchase off of the secondary market within the first 24 hours after the public sale is live. Once that 24-hour period ends if you decide to sell your Gaming Ape Club NFT, you are no longer eligible for the Diamond District Program.

Holders who meet these requirements will be able to obtain their Diamond District role in our Discord to be eligible for Diamond District perks and rewards. If you purchase additional GAC NFTs, you will need to re-verify to receive your new holder roles. Below is a detailed tutorial on how to verify and obtain your roles.

After verifying your Gaming Ape Club NFT, you will receive the unique holder role depending on how many GACs you own. These roles will be accessible by any holder, regardless of when you purchased the NFT or if you minted it. Holder roles will be given instantly after verification.

Holders who met the requirements for the Diamond District Program will receive the Diamond District role 24 hours after the public sale.

Please Note: ALL members are able to obtain holder roles, receive holder perks, and redeem GAC XP, but only the Diamond District members will receive the Diamond District perks.

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