GAC XP Token

GAC XP is the currency generated when staking GAC NFTs.

What Is GAC XP And How Does It Work?

GAC XP is the currency generated when staking GAC NFTs. Currently, GAC holders earn GAC XP just by holding their GAC NFTs and verifying in Discord. Once staking launches, GAC holders will need to stake their GAC NFTs in order to generate daily GAC XP.

Once you stake your GAC NFTs, you will begin to generate on-chain GAC XP. You will have the ability to claim off-chain GAC XP from you on-chain token which can then be used throughout the GAC ecosystem.

Contract (Polygon) Address: 0xAc2a6706285b91143eaded25d946Ff17A60A6512

Staking Contract (Ethereum): 0x412aCAd86FFa3b287C1043ab4e56F7C4A6A9e385

When you stake your GAC NFTs, you will be given a specific amount of GAC XP depending on how many are being staked at a given time. You can find more information on how much GAC XP each GAC NFT generates in GAC Staking.

1 GAC XP = 1 GAC XP - There is no USD value to GAC XP.

No liquidity pool will be provided.

GAC XP Tokenomics

We are focused on creating a balanced and fair tokenomics ecosystem for all GAC holders. Once staking is live, most current and future utility will require GAC holders to stake their NFTs. GAC XP will no longer be given in the GAC Discord just by verifying through the Collab.Land Discord bot.

There is no cap on the GAC XP supply.

GAC will not be supplying liquidity in return for GAC XP. We will not be advertising liquidity for the GAC XP token as internal/external opportunities and benefits for GAC holders will have the utmost value.

How Do I Earn GAC XP?

There are many ways to earn GAC XP. See below for the current ways to do so:

Available to Everyone:

  • P2E Integrations: Our first gaming-to-earn integration is Gridcraft, releasing Q2.

  • Chat Income: You can earn 2 GAC XP every 5 minutes by engaging in our Discord Server.

  • GAC Rewards: This is a Discord bot for the GAC community to earn GAC XP just by showing support on Twitter. More details in Discord.

  • Staking: Read through the process of staking your GAC NFTs here.

  • Daily Work: Type !work every 8 hours in our Discord to collect a random amount of bonus GAC XP between 10 and 75.

  • GAC Supply Crates (Coming Soon)

  • Tournaments and Events

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