Roo Troop

GAC has officially entered into a long-term partnership with Roo Troop.

What is Roo Troop Building?

Roo Troop is developing the first on-chain job marketplace, a platform that will lead the paradigm shift in the web3 job market. In the meantime, they have built a token gated bounty hub where users can access an abundance of jobs from reputable NFT projects looking for talent.

How do GAC Holders Benefit?

  • GAC holders have now been integrated into the Roo Troop Bounty Hub.

  • GAC holders will have access to the on-chain job marketplace before the general public.

  • GAC holders will be included in the airdrop as Class A Partners when the marketplace goes live.

  • GAC holders have an exclusive role in the Roo Troop Discord when verifying through #partnerverify.

GAC Holder Channels in Discord

Below are the channels available to GAC holders:

#💸┃bounty-faq | Bounties are paid job opportunities to work in the Web3/NFT space.

#💸┃pay-guide | Pay guide for some of the most frequently posted roles.

#💸┃bounty-hub | You can find access to the bounty hub here.

#💸┃bounty-alert | New job postings will be alerted in this channel. Pick up the notification role in #🧠┃roles.

#💸┃submit-bounties | Looking to post a job listing? Use this channel.

GAC Holder Access in Discord

Below is a quick tutorial on how to gain access to the Roo Troop bounty channels in the GAC Discord.

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