The Plague

GAC x Plague Partnership:

The Plague provides opportunities at true decentralization through IRL businesses delivering revenue to the project & bringing utility through the $FRG token, fighting scammers, & providing transparency & updates in the NFT space via their WAGMI report.

Benefits for GAC Holders:

GAC has one of the strongest communities in the NFT space today. Our core values are to associate and partner with communities that have proven to have similar values, which The Plague has proven to have each and every day.

All staked GAC holders will receive access to exclusive future utilities involving Project Galiath (more information soon). Additionally, the GAC community will have access to The Plague scam-busting bots.

Benefits for Plague Holders:

Holders of The Plague can participate in GAC weekly events and tournaments by picking up specific game roles in our discord. Holders can then start earning whitelists, limited GAC XP, and more!

Holders of The Plague also have custom roles in the GAC Discord and The Plague will receive access to GAC's many custom Discord Bots, enhancing their community involvement and functionality.

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