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Welcome to Gaming Ape Club. We are going to overview everything the GAC Discord has to offer as well as a complete guide to the GAC ecosystem since it can get very complicated and overwhelming.

This article is mainly a packet of information every GAC Holder should know to get the most value out of it. We will continuously update this packet and reference this article so we can keep others updated with future changes.

How to Use The Discord

The GAC Discord can be very overwhelming for some users at a first glance as there are a lot of different categories and channels with an abundant amount of information. Visit the #start-here channel to get started. This channel will guide you around the entire Discord allowing you to get a better understanding of where information and chats can be found.

  • / I N F O R M A T I O N — This section is for EVERYONE. You will find the Discord's official links, announcements, and more.

  • / G A C — This section is for HOLDERS. You will find exclusive alpha calls, WL opportunities, partnered NFT access and more.

  • / G E N E R A L — This section is for EVERYONE. You will find general chats, games, and other discussion here.

  • / V O I C E — This section is for EVERYONE. You will find all voice channels available.

  • / E X T R A — This section is for EVERYONE. You will find help/support channels, daily updates, and more.

Join the Gaming Ape Club Discord and begin with the #start-here channel.

How to Use Partnered Tools

This section will be updated as new partnered tools are announced with new features and access for the GAC community.

#1 Llamaverse Alpha Calls — Gaming Ape Club has partnered with Llamaverse to provide GAC holders access to the Llamaverse alpha calls. Holders will be provided exclusive access and information regarding upcoming and emerging projects. Always do your own research. This is not financial advice.

Learn more on how to gain access as a holder here:

#2 Innovating User Experience with Asteria Labs — GAC holders will receive exclusive access to:

  • Asteria rarity bot + alpha ping alert bot

  • Future innovative technology to enhance the user experience from Asteria Labs

GAC Holder WL Opportunities

Gaming Ape Club holders have many WL opportunities for up and coming NFT projects. To get started, you will need to verify your GAC NFT in the #gac-verify Discord channel. Below is a simple guide on how to verify your GAC NFT.

After your verify your GAC NFT, you will be given a GAC Holder role based on the number of GAC NFTs you are holding. Each role gives you a specific amount of GAC XP which can be used in the GAC Shack for internal and external whitelist opportunities, products, and giveaways.

  • The #shack-updates Channel — This channel includes all of the GAC Shack UI updates, new product announcements, and anything else regarding the GAC Shack.

GAC Discord Roles

The GAC Discord has an abundant amount of roles in which members of the community can acquire over time. Below you can find all of the roles the GAC Discord currently has available. Any changes or additions to the roles page will be updated both on Discord and in this document.

How to Use The Voice Chats

The voice chats in the Gaming Ape Club Discord are mostly used for open discussion. Most of the voice chats are open to all members meaning there is little to no moderation throughout the day within each call. The staff and team at GAC will make sure to keep everyone safe and comfortable while using the voice chats. Please be kind and respectful to those who are in the voice chats at all times.

Any updates regarding GAC voice chats will be made here and in the Discord announcements channel.


Thank you for taking the time to read the Gaming Ape Club Discord breakdown. We will continue adding to this document with additional information as it is released. Make sure to follow our official social media pages below for daily updates:

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