$5,000 Glowsquid Event

GAC holders compete in a full recreation of Squid Game in Minecraft called “Glowsquid Game”.

What Version Of Minecraft Is Required?

  • Java Edition for PC, Linux, or MacOS is required for this event specifically.

  • 1.17.1 or higher version

  • Latest version is 1.18.2

Connecting To Gridcraft:

The Gaming Ape Club Glowsquid Game tournament NPC (in-game character) will be front and center once you join the Gridcraft. Players will just walk forward and click on the NPC for a tutorial on how to link their GAC discord to their Minecraft account.

Instructions on how to link your Discord to Gridcraft and verify ownership of your GAC NFT will be announced in Discord closer to the event.

Don't have Minecraft? Click here.

How Will The Tournament Work?

Players will join via an NPC in the Gridcraft Hub, up to a maximum of 200 players per game. We will run multiple games, producing 1 winner per game. The Gridcraft Discord bot will be setup in the Gaming Ape Club Discord before the event to allow GAC holders to verify their Minecraft account.

The first games will begin on April 2nd at 1pm EST. Practice games will begin at 12:00pm EST before the actual tournament begins to allow players to get a feel for the game and understand how to play.

All holders will receive 200 GAC XP for participating in the event. Each round that participants successfully pass through will bonus each player 25 GAC XP. Players who reach the end of a lobby as the last player standing will receive 1,000 GAC XP. Players will also compete in a large scale competition for $5,000 in ETH (prize pool distribution may vary based on total participants).

Each game will consist of up to five rounds until there is one player standing. Depending on how many players participate will determine how many games will be played.

The event will be streamed on Twitch:

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