GAC Staking

How Much GAC XP Does Each NFT Generate?

The GAC XP tokenomic system is very important to ensure a balanced economy for all GAC holders. The GAC team has spent a lot of time balancing the amount of GAC XP generated for having a specific amount of GAC NFTs to ensure we have longevity when generating GAC XP.

Below you will find the staking tiers you can unlock by staking a specific amount of GAC NFTs. Each tier generates exponentially more GAC XP.

Additionally, you will earn a bonus 80 GAC XP for staking your GAC NFTs. This is a one-time bonus. Staking, un-staking, and re-staking would not generate the bonus GAC XP again.

Staking Discord Roles

Once you have staked your GAC NFTs, you can go to the gac-verify channel in the GAC Discord to receive roles for staking. This is VERY important as most utility will be directly connected to the staking roles. Roles that can be acquired are identical to the different staking tiers as mentioned above.

Important: You must re-verify your roles after you stake your GAC NFTs. All holder roles will be reset until you stake your GAC NFTs, so don't forget to do this once staking is live!

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