GAC Utility

What exactly do you get?

We will go over the exact utility you get for being a GAC holder. We will expand this page as we continue to build:

  • Accrue GAC XP (Full details here - How to Earn GAC XP)

  • Purchase items in the GAC Shack (Off-Chain Marketplace)

  • Within the marketplace holders have access to high-tier rewards such as whitelists, NFTs, gaming products, and more!

  • Stake your GAC (Read here)

GACland P2E Utility:

  • Welcome to Pixels Online (Read here)

  • Trait Based Utility (Read here)

Partnership Utility:

  • Access to the Roo Troop Bounty Hub (Partnership with Roo Troop)

  • Llama Calls/Upcoming (Partnership with Llamaverse)

  • Asteria Labs Rarity and Ping Bots (Available in Discord)

  • The Plague (Read here)

  • Tweeteroo (Read here)

  • Pixl Labs (Read here)

  • Project Whitelist (Read here)

  • Cheetopia (Read here)

  • Alpha Sharks (Read here)

  • Magically Pro (Read here)

  • Lendal Pro (View here)

Diamond District Utility:

  • Gamer of the Month / Spotlight of the Week (Read here)

  • Diamond District Program Perks and Rewards

  • 10% Mint goes to NFTs and Items in the GAC Shack for Diamond District

Experience the full Utility by joining the GAC Discord!

Want to read MORE about these utilities and learn how they work? We'd suggest reading the information throughout the full documentation.

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