Update 6/1

Update 6/1 focuses on staking changes, updates, and more. You can find additional information about staking your GAC NFTs on June 2nd in "How to Stake", "GAC XP Token", & "GAC Staking".

GAC Pass Free Mint:

The GAC Pass will be a FREE MINT for all GAC Genesis holders staking at the time of snapshot.
The GAC Pass will provide exclusive benefits in GAC P2E Integrations, starting with GACland. GAC holders who are staking will be required to "claim" the free mint. Further instructions on an upcoming update will be provided for the time of snapshot and how to claim the free mint.
This video is for marketing purposes. Not how the final GAC Pass will look like.

GACland Wearables / Exclusive Locations:

With the launch of GACland just around the corner, we wanted to provide an update on some of the benefits GAC holders who stake their NFTs will receive:
  • Bonus GAC XP Initiatives
  • Private Areas & Lounges
  • GACland Wearables
  • Trait-Based Utility
  • Increased Tournament Rewards
  • Gridcraft Identities Whitelist Opportunities
We will continue to update this document as we further expand the GACland ecosystem. Feel free to read more about GACland and what Gridcraft is building here.

GAC Supply Crates:

Supply Crates are coming to the GAC Shack for holders staking their genesis NFTs. Supply Crates will be dropped in the GAC Shack which can be purchased using GAC XP. Below are the items you can expect to find in the crates:
  • NFTs
  • Whitelist Spots (Low, Medium, & High Tier)
  • GAC XP
  • Gift Cards
  • Gaming Products
  • Discord Roles
  • In-Game Currency (Ex. Apex Coins, Valorant Points, V-bucks, etc)
  • More items will be announced soon.
More information on how these will work will be provided in future announcements. Read below on the GAC Shack Marketplace updates.

GAC Shack Marketplace:

The GAC Shack is the Gaming Ape Club marketplace for holders to purchase items with GAC XP.
Once staking launches, only holders who stake their genesis GAC NFTs will have the ability to purchase items from the GAC Shack. After staking, you will need to verify your staked NFTs in the "gac-verify" channel in Discord.
Additionally, we are re-designing the user interface (UI) for the GAC Shack in an upcoming update. Read more below about the GAC Dashboard.

GAC Merchandise:

GAC Merchandise.
We are currently in development of high quality merchandise for GAC holders staking their NFTs. An additional update will be provided to showcase what we are designing for the GAC community.

GAC Alert:

Never miss a mint you're whitelisted for from the GAC Shack.
As one of the many staking benefits, GAC Alert will be available on June 2nd for GAC holders staking their genesis NFTs to setup and begin using.
Under the "GAC XP" category in Discord, head over to the "whitelist-alert" channel once staking is live to setup GAC Alerts. All the information needed will be provided in this channel.
We will continue to provide updates with new innovative Discord Tools, GAC Alert updates, Discord changes, and more!

GAC Partnered Alpha Calls:

Currently all Alpha Calls available to GAC holders can be found simply by verifying your NFTs and joining the GAC Discord.
Once staking is live, GAC holders will be required to stake their genesis GAC NFTs and verify through the "gac-verify" channel just like before. You will be given the new GAC Staked roles as shown in GAC Staking to access the following channels:
  • Llamaverse Upcoming Alpha Calls
  • Llamaverse Alpha Calls
  • Cheetopia Lookouts / Upcoming
  • Degen Pass Alpha Calls

GAC Dashboard UI Updates:

The GAC Dashboard will consist of all the current website pages including the Homepage, Game Plan, GAC Shack, and Team. Additionally, this will be composed of many new features not yet revealed to the public.
The purpose of the GAC Dashboard is to provide GAC holders who stake their genesis GAC NFTs the most enjoyable experience when using the various utilities within the GAC Dashboard.
Once staking is live, the UI for the staking page has been fully designed for a clean & easy-to-use experience to make the process smooth and efficient. More UI updates for the GAC Shack and other sections of the GAC Dashboard will be found in a later update.

GAC Game Plan:

With all the new updates being added to the GAC ecosystem, we wanted to provide an update on the current Game Plan V1.

Game Plan V1:

✅ | Completed (Still developing, updating, and building on)
⚒️ | In Development
  • ✅ Genesis Mint
  • ✅🚧 Spotlight of the Week
  • ✅🚧 Gamer of the Month
  • ✅ GAC Shack Marketplace / GAC XP
  • ✅ Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Districts
  • ⚒️ GAC Launchpad
  • ⚒️ Coalition of Parents in Esports Web3 Scholarship/Grant Opportunities
  • 🚧⚒️ GACland (First P2E Integration - Additional P2E Integrations TBA)