Update 6/10

Update 6/10 focuses on a complete staking guide for beginners, the new Discord Activity Levels, GAC Pass/GACland updates, trait-based utility, and more!

GAC Pass Free Mint:

The GAC Pass will be a FREE MINT for all GAC Genesis holders staking at the time of snapshot. The snapshot is still currently TBA. Make sure you are in the GAC Discord.
We are focused on expanding the GAC ecosystem to provide more value and utility for GAC genesis holders. More information will follow in the next update.

GACland Update:

GACland is taking form quickly and we are excited to bring you an experience like never before. In this 6/10 update, we will explore some of the features you can expect to see in GACland. We are building an ecosystem for GAC holders to benefit at the utmost while also expanding for other communities to find a place in GACland as well.
  • Claim Land
  • Mine for GAC XP
  • Complete Quests
  • Private Areas & Lounges
  • Participate in Mini-Games & Tournaments
  • Gridcraft Identities Whitelist Opportunities
  • Acquire Cosmetics based on GAC Traits (Trait-Based Utility)
More features and benefits will be added in future updates. GAC holders staking will reap additional benefits along with those holding a GAC Pass.
The Future is Now! (screenshot taken in GACland)

Trait Based Utility:

Trait-based utility will begin in GACland. GAC holders will have the ability to obtain in-game cosmetics based on the traits you own. Additionally, there will be opportunities for bonus GAC XP initiatives and private areas within GACland.
We have added rarity ranks to the Twitter and Discord sales bots to watch as different ranked GACs are sold.

Discord Activity Levels + Roles:

As we focus on building a strong community, we have added the new Discord Levels for those who are active and supportive in the GAC Discord. Currently, the levels range from 1 to 50 and below are the ways to currently advance to the next level tiers:
  • Talking in Text Chats
  • Participating in Voice Chats
  • Interacting on GAC Tweets (must have your Twitter linked to GAC Rewards)
Leveling up is not necessary or required, but we have added this feature to track those who are most active and can be rewarded for doing so.
Additionally, the reaction roles have been updated in the "pick-role" channel. Feel free to have a look and pick the ones you would like!

GAC Dashboard Update:

With the recent staking update, we have built a new look for the website UI and will continue to create the best experience possible for the GAC community.
In an upcoming update, we will showcase a new look for the GAC website to provide an easy-to-use dashboard when shopping in the GAC Shack, staking your GAC NFTs, or simply browsing on a daily basis.
Additionally, we are in development of a new Discord bot to track GAC XP. This will eliminate rate limits in the GAC Shack to prevent recent errors that have occurred when attempting to purchase items that have a large amount of demand.

Staking Guide for Beginners:

Staking has officially been live for over a week now so we want to provide an additional update on benefits to stake, how to stake your GAC NFTs, and answer the most frequently asked questions:

Why Should I Stake?

Staking your GAC NFTs provide many benefits in the GAC ecosystem. All current and future utility will require you to stake. Below is a list of the current utility you receive when staking your GAC:
  • GAC Pass Free Mint (Snapshot TBA)
  • GACland Wearables / Private Locations
  • GAC Supply Crates (Coming soon to the GAC Shack)
  • GAC Shack Marketplace (Staking is required to purchase items in our marketplace)
  • GAC Alert (Receive SMS on upcoming WL mints)
  • Alpha Calls (Roo Troop Bounty Hub - Llama Calls - and MORE!)
  • GAC Merchandise
  • GAC Dashboard UI Updates
  • Future P2E Integrations

Updated GAC Statistics:

With staking being launched just last week, we want to provide you with an update of current GAC statistics. Below we will provide information on staking, GAC collection stats, and Discord holder stats as of 6/10:
  • GAC Collection Staked: 60.3%
  • Verified GAC Staked Holders in Discord: 1,128
  • Verified GAC Partnered Holders in Discord: 678
  • Diamond District Holders: 1670
  • Platinum District Holders: 19
  • Gold District Holders: 109
  • Twitter Verified: 1,174
  • SMS Verified w/ GAC Alert: 65